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Youtube Kids: Available Now in the Philippines

We are in the generation where technology is your kid’s new best friend. Instead of seeing them playing outside, we see them playing with any gadget they can lay their hands on.

The world of internet is vast. Anyone has access to information all over the internet and most content available may not be suitable for children.

One of the website the younger generation loves visiting is YouTube – a video sharing platform. With YouTube having wide selection of videos from SFW to NSFW, they have created a separate video application designed specifically for kids.

Users can now download YouTube Kids on Google Play or App Store.

“YouTube Kids has been designed as a safer version of YouTube for kids and families as we wanted to design a platform where it would be focused on kids both in terms of entertaining and enriching content” said Sanoop Luke, YouTube content partnerships manager.

Don Anderson, YouTube head of kids and learning partnerships, said YouTube Kids provides “a rich mix” of content.

“We also encourage exploration through search as well so it’s up to kids to be able to find anything that they like. One can also learn anything in the app, like even how to tie shoelaces,” Anderson said.

Youtube made the interface easier for kids to navigate with the larger images and icons, voice search and Parental controls which allow parents supervisory control over what types of content can be viewed, as well as limitations on how long kids can watch.

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