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Where to Buy Cheap Mobile Phones Online in the Philippines

You can find Smartphones being sold almost anywhere. You have your mall stalls, shady sidewalk vendors and online shopping. Among these three options, online shopping is presented as the most accessible, the most convenient and is substantially risk free compared to sidewalk commodities.

Online shopping is more than just a buying platform. It is a many-in-one online destination where you can research the specifications of your desired unit. You can pit devices against one another. You have the access to customer ratings. You can visit multiple online shopping sites at once and best of all; you can see the competing prices.

Price and 24-hour accessibility are the two things that made online shopping popular. One of the most searched and most discounted product sold through online portals are Smartphones. Not only is the competition fierce among the manufacturers, the online distributors and suppliers also compete to gain a following and a business name that will forever be associated with ‘authenticity and affordability’.

There are many online shops that sell discounted phones on the web. Who knows what the exact number of Facebook stalls we have right now? What you should be looking for is quality customer service. By nature, online shops chip off some of the state taxes and workers wage that would be otherwise needed when setting up mall stalls. You should look for a shop with a dedicated customer service relations and a product line up that will keep your choices flexible, both in terms of brand and price. What you should try visiting are these five online shopping sites.

Kim StoreIs the shop where you want to visit first. Kim store is unofficially recognized by seasoned online gadget shoppers as the shop that sets the standard on how low can online shops sell electronic devices. If you are looking or estimating how much will your dream phone cost, Kim Store is the way to go. Most online gadget shopping sites aims to one-up this shop, only to find out that most of the time, the price featured on Kim Store is the lowest possible price without losing profit. Kim Store still comes up with sales.


Goods.phIs the most diverse online shopping site on this list. is a shop that has dedicated digital aisles with a product line up that covers all the basic needs. This shop recognizes the importance of communication and the impact that Smartphones have, that these innovations became necessary for our daily activities. features a selection of the most recognized brands as well as local brands and up and coming names in the industry. Smartphones

CMK CellphonesBeneath the simplistic site design is one of the most recognizable Smartphone product line-up. The simple quality has also been reflected on the site’s easy order placing, delivery and exchange policy. There will be price drop promos and other deals that will include Smartphone accessories along with the device package.

CMK Cellphones

Widget CityThis online shop connects their customers to service centers. That doesn’t mean that because they emphasize on warranty too much, their products are substandard. In contrary, Widget City is recognized by local and international brands. They have a dynamic customer support system and one of the best online destinations to have an idea about how much flagship devices can cost.

Widget City

YoupounditMakes you feel like you’re buying a gadget from a friend. You take their word for it and as the saying goes, the site practice ‘presyong kaibigan’. Aside from Smartphones and its extensions, this site also offers discounted electronic devices such as laptops, cameras and more. The shop subjects items on sales that could last for month’s time.


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