Blackwood Crossing

WATCH: Intriguing Trailer of a Narrative Adventure Game “Blackwood Crossing”

Blackwood Crossing is a first-person adventure game which tells an intriguing and heartwarming tale about a relationship between Orphaned Siblings. The siblings grew apart that leads to sorrow and struggle. Blackwood crossing evolves in a fantastic and magical adventure of life, love and grief.

Blackwood Crossing

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It was the first game made by British independent developer Paperseven that looks to have a big, enchanting story. A Gamescon trailer was released and shows the game’s setting on a train and it’s not just a typical train; it’s a magical train with surreal characters. Blackwood Crossing will be focusing on issues such as family and love. This adventure game will surely touch the hearts of many gamers from around the world.

Here’s the main description of the game that was featured on its website:

Blackwood Crossing is a story-driven first-person adventure game. A haunting tale of intrigue and mystery.

You play as Scarlett, a teenager finding her way in the world. You wake up, disorientated, to find yourself and your younger brother, Finn, inexplicably travelling on a moving train.


But when a mysterious figure appears, it’s clear that this is no ordinary train ride. It’s the beginning of a magical voyage, steeped in life, love and loss.


Navigating this powerful drama – where the world, and your abilities develop in extraordinary ways – you are forced to examine your relationship with Finn. You are orphans, and your relationship has always been strong. However, adolescence has opened the door to new interests, and you’ve been growing apart.


As you gradually uncover the depths of Finn’s anguish, the consequences of your remoteness become shockingly clear.

Blackwood Crossing

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We’ll wait for more updates and get a close look at Blackwood Crossing in the next few weeks. The game is scheduled to be released on Windows PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4; which by the way can be bought cheaper from online shop Philippines.

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