VR Box Ultimate Guide

VR Box Ultimate Guide

The first traces of virtual reality dates back 50 years ago from the world of science fiction – now VR has become a reality.

But what is Virtual Reality?

VR Box Ultimate Guide1

Virtual Reality is a computer simulated reality; it reproduces an environment, real or imagined wherein you can interact with.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative for the Occulus Rift in the Philippines, the VR Box v2 is for you.  The VR box lets you experience this immersive environment by the use of your smart phone for less.

Why the VR Box v2?

✓ Affordable
✓ Plenty of optical adjustment
✓ Comfy face cushioning
✓ Holds phone securely
✓Included sized game controller
✓ Removable camera port
✓ Downloadable
✓ Compatible in almost all kinds of smart phone with gyroscope
✓ Extremely wide viewing angles
✓Work with 4.7 to 6.1-inch Smartphones
✓42mm lens


We provided a detailed VR Box v2 review below or you can watch the video below:




The VR Box doesn’t have its own onboard sensors and instead rely on the processors, gyroscope, and motion sensors of the smart phone itself. It is well built and sturdy. It also contains a Bluetooth remote controller.

Gone are the jagged, box-shaped plastic headsets of yesterday and in comes with the smooth, curve edges of the VR Box V2. It is the upgraded version of the VR Box.

The VR Box has a removable panel on the front – allowing the use of the camera whilst still using the VR Headset.


VR Box Ultimate Guide2

If you’re going to watch a movie, you’re going to wear the headset for long hours. So you need to make sure it’s comfortable. The headset provides breathable cushioning around the rim providing comfort as you rammed it against your face. However, the nose part on the nose ridge may provide discomfort; I suggest adding a layer of extra padding to the surrounding area to give your nose more space to breathe.
It has a strong three strap bendable rubber pad providing a comfortable pressure on the back of your head.



VR Box Ultimate Guide3

The lenses are one of the special parts of the VR Box. People have different eye, some have wider, some have narrow eyes and the fact that you can adjust it is really cool. You have the option to adjust each lens individual forwards, backwards, left and right enabling you to get the optimal focus.

Phone Access and Holder


VR Box Ultimate Guide4

The phone holder has padding on each side where the phone is secured in place. If you have a cover for your phone I suggest you to remove them as it will only get in the way. Install the padding that are included in the box to avoid minor issues with curved back phones. The phone is easy to slide in and out of the VR Box v2 and it also stays in place.

If you want to use a headphone, using ear buds with angle plugs will be convenient. The holders also have holes where you can plug in your charger or whatever giving you a longer VR experience.

So how does the VR Box work? It uses side-by-side images and dual optics to create the illusion of a 3d image or video.

YouTube has a lot of VR content videos to view on the VR Box v2 headset just type in ‘Cardboard VR’ or ‘VR 3D’ to find videos with VR content easily. Having a 1080p content and above can provide the best VR experience.

The VR Box v2 can be used either for movie watching or gaming.

Lucky for you the VR Box v2 is available in the Philippines. If you want to have your first VR experience, get it here at Goods.PH!


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