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Top 5 Best Smart Watches Philippines 2015

Smart watches can be considered as an extension of your network of Smartphone devices. With the latest software modifications, these timepieces have become one the first truly wearable technology after hearing aids and headphones. Smart watches are devices primarily created to complement the already upbeat accelerometer function of the highly intuitive Smartphone. In the absence of a physical keypad, smart watches operate through a combination of voice recognition and tap-activated commands.

There are two most recognized software mounted on smart watches. First is designed for the Apple Watch. It is the iOS on a small scale level. With the operating system, your Apple smart watch becomes the dancing partner of your iPhone. With a successful sync, the Apple smart watch can give you access and give notifications on the iPhone’s primary programs like: messaging, mail, calendar, activities, weather, music and many more.

The Apple iWatch needs a compatible iPhone for it to be effective. And so, number #1 on this list is the combination of Apple Aluminum Case Sports Watches 38mm and iPhone. The iWatch is an expensive purchase, with the 38 mm model costing at about P 40,000.00. The iWatch is a premium timepiece with the technical capacities of a Smartphone. In fact, it is more like a personal assistant rather than a watch. It could not last the whole 24-hour clock cycle but for the 5 million who now owns this smart watch, 18 hours of run time is enough for organizing and keeping their physical fitness in check. The Apple aluminum case sports watch 38mm has improved calibrations of heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope that are displayed on the 1.5 inch screen.

Apple Aluminum Case Sports Watches 38mm Black and White - image source: Apple

The second software is known as the Android wear. All manufacturers using this technology all have three things in common. 1: all watches can sync with devices that run on Android 4.3 jelly bean or higher. Once connected, you can use the smart watches’ functions independently without the presence of smartphones. Most notable apps include health, speed and distance monitoring.

2: All smart watches using this technology can give you notifications on the built-in Android Apps. An Android wear user can also install new apps with the growing number programs available for Android wear. And 3: Android wear has optimized voice recognition software that activates through the phrase “OK Google”. With this command, you can send messages, ask questions and track your movements.

All Android OS users have designed or have an upcoming smart watch that is meant to complement every manufacturer’s flagship releases. To complete this top 5 list, we are looking into the four smart watch models that has made the most effective linkage and support between Android devices.

2. Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50. It comes with 1.2 GHz quad-core processor with 512 MB worth of RAM. This smart watch has 4 GB of internal storage. The 1.6 inch work space is protected by IP68 corning glass. Water resistant up to two meters deep for about an hour. It has a rectangular body with an assortment of strap designs. This has a battery rating that can last for 2 days but using the GPS function drains the battery drastically. Available for about Php 10,000.00.

Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 - image source: Sony Mobile

3. Samsung Gear S. Shares the same 4 GB internal storage and 512 MB RAM. The rectangular body is dust and water resistant. Can withstand water pressure under a meter of water for about 30 minutes. This timepiece and health gear-in-one has a 2-inch screen display, the biggest among all the smart watches featured on this list. You can get one for about Php 18,000.00.

Samsung Gear S - image source: ytimg
4. Motorola Moto 360. Can store up to 4 GBs of digital data and 512 RAM. Has a Round body with an assortment of straps. It may come with an adjustable metal loop and the real leather straps. Has a working screen area of 1.56 inches across. Can support Facebook messenger, Pinterest and many more. Get this for about Php 17,000.00.

Motorola Moto 36 - image source: gazettereview

5. LG G Watch. 1.65 inch work space, 4GB built-in storage and 512 RAM. Has the minimal screen to body ratio. Slick with metallic fell but with a comfortable plastic base. For about Php 8,000.00, this is the best accessory for your LG device and for your LG lifestyle.

LG G Watch - image source:


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