best powerbanks for smartphones in the Philippines

Top 5 Best Powerbanks for Smartphones in the Philippines

Do you know how it feels to be in an emergency and you spot your smartphone turns itself off because of battery shortage? Oooh. That frustrating feeling! A lot of us have experienced that kind of situation where we need to call somebody but our smartphone just died! Good thing about technology, it updates and corrects errors. Thus, powerbanks come to the rescue during such situations. Now, the question, how do you get to know the best powerbanks for smartphones? You certainly want to check some reviews aforetime before buying the product. By all means, you would want to buy a brand that has long battery life and is also convenient to use. Here’s the list of top 5 best powerbanks for smartphones in the Philippines:

best powerbanks for smartphones-romoss

  1. Romoss 20000mAh powerbank

Romoss is one of the best powerbanks for smartphones in the Philippines. The most popular product from the brand is the Romoss 20000mAh. It has ultra-high capacity which offers a long lasting power supply to your smartphone. It can charge your phone up to 10 times! You can get it for only P706.44 at

Xiaomi powerbank

  1. Xiaomi 5200mAh powerbank

Xiaomi powerbank adjusts its output to make sure your device is charging properly. The product has 9 layers of protection and smart control USB chips for charging and discharging. You can check it at for P749.00.

Momax iPower Tough 2 Powerbank

  1. Momax iPower tough 2

The momax iPower tough 2 is a bit pricey compared to the other products on this list. Why? Because it is water resistant and can stand up against dust and shocks. Its battery capacity is 9,000mAh and has metallic top and back plates. Get this for P2,950.00 at


  1. Yoobao powerbank magic wand YB-6012PRO 6200mAh

Yoobao 6200mAh is suitable for variety of smartphones like iphone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, and Nokia. Its charging ability is enough to charge an iPhone5 for 4 times! Yoobao 6200mAh meets all related safety standards considering of its CE, RoHS and FC certificates. You can also get it at for P1,500.00.

millerton best powerbanks for smartphones


  1. Millerton 12000mAh powerbank

Last on the list of best powerbanks for smartphones is the Millerton 12000mAh. It has dual charging and flashlight features which should come in handy. The Millerton 12000mAh is slim and can fit to your pocket. The charging time is around 7-8 hours. It is now available at for 1,499.00.

Convinced with our top 5 best powerbanks for smartphones? Leave a comment and share with us the product that you have picked!

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