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The Keyboard Innovation Finally Takes Over 2016

Online Shopping Philippines – Gone are the days when people would use typewriters to write letters and books which started back in 1868. Technology today continues to innovate for the modern complex society. From huge typewriters to the enhanced 101-key keyboard that I.B.M. introduced in the 1984, now comes the remote control type of keyboard and a laser keyboard.

How awesome is that right?

These air mouse and keyboard are great innovations if you have to give a presentation at work. It’s also a great tool to be used at home if you’re going to watch a movie from your computer.

The EZY Air Mouse RC-13 Black and EZY Air Mouse TS-Y223 White have the same function where you can plug the wireless USB to your computer. You just have to point to where you want to point because it contains a gyroscope.

EZY Air Mouse TS-Y223 White

EZY Air Mouse TS-Y223 White

EZY Air Mouse RC-13 Black

EZY Air Mouse RC-13 Black


They are pretty nifty and handy, if you get tired of sitting and want to move around, you can plug your air mouse and use computer from a far. You can easily browse and type things.

The laser keyboard like the EZY Laser Keyboard Black is an epic keyboard innovation because it uses a projection keyboard leaving you staring at this cool gadget as you marvel as to how technology has evolved.

EZY Laser Keyboard Black

EZY Laser Keyboard Black


While you might think it’s magic, the infrared light that’s emitted from the device detects the finger (or any other object) reflecting off of it, and computes the key stroke.

It might take a while for you to get used to the typing of a Laser Keyboard, but admit it, even if it’s difficult to type in it, you’d use it because it’s cool.

These devices are compatible with all major mobile and desktop operating systems.

If you’re wondering where you can find these, you can buy them at the online gadget store Philippines-Goods PH – online shopping Philippines

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