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The Final Evolutions of the Starter Pokemon in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Finally Revealed!

The latest Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer highlights the final evolution of the Starter Pokémons, the guardians of the Alola Region, and rarer finds.

The trailer finally introduces us to Decidueye, Icineroar and Primarina, as well as several other Pokémon we’re not familiar with before.

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Let’s talk about everything we need to know about these new Pokémon below!




The grass-starter Rowlet’s final evolution is a combo of grass/ghost-type, which is an odd pairing. From grass/flying-type to grass-ghost type. Decidueye uses its fierce feathers to strike enemies down and stay hidden behind the bush with the help of its Ghost ability.



The fire-type starter Litten’s final evolution. Inceneroar has a flaming championship belt, which it uses to pound on its enemies. It also learns the exclusive Darkest Lariar move, dark-type attack that ignores status ailments.

The water-type Pokemon starter Popplio’s final evolution is a fairy/water-type. Equipped with a crafty water balloon which it manipulates with its voice.

Alola GuardiansOther Pokemon revealed in the trailer are the island guardians of the Alola region, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini; the fluff and cloudy Cosmog; and the Pokemon of great beauty Alolan Persian.

Tapu BuluTapu Fini Tapu LeleCosmogPersian Alola Form


Besides the Alolan Champions Cynthia and Wally, you also get to battle the legends, Red and Blue Oak! What’s more is that, they’ve grown! (Is that because Pokemon has been here for 20 years now?)

While of course, Red is still quiet as ever. The Alola region already steers clear of series conventions by dropping gyms in favor of the Island Challenge Trials, but it turns out that the area is also on the precipice of forming its own championship league as well. With the help of these trainers, players can pave their way to the Pokemon League!
Battle LegendsCheck out the full video here:

Are you hyped yet? More exciting this time around than the new Pokémon, and other new features are yet to come in the Pokémon sun and Moon.

Stay tuned!

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