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The Best Tips and Tricks for Iphone 7 Plus

The most-sought after smart phone of the century has finally arrived in Philippine shores! We are sure that many of you already got their hands on the iPhone 7 Plus (a.k.a the greatest iPhone that Apple has made yet in the 21st century) but what to do next with it is another story to tell.

If you think that its new camera, Touch ID and wireless earphones are the only ones that you can find on this newest iPhone, then you are definitely wrong! You might miss a lot of unique features that this beautifully sleek phone offers to its beloved owners so you better know

Here’s a complete guide to make the most out of your new iPhone 7 Plus!


The presence of Home button

The Presence of Home ButtonDon’t freak out if you haven’t feel an actual Home button on your phone. It is actually a sensor-driven disc that works just like a touch screen but you can subtly change how it feels on your fingers by adjusting it on the Settings menu. Just tap the General menu and proceed to Home for you to choose the click speed.


Swipe left for camera

Swipe left for cameraWondering where the little camera icon on your lock screen go? Don’t worry iOS 10 users! You can still access to your camera instantly by swiping left on your lock screen. Quick and easy, right?


Don’t forget the earphone adapter!

Don’t forget the headphone adapter!

Worrying about your buying a Bluetooth headphone? You can save it for later and still use your wired earphone with its free 3.5mm headphone jack adapter! Just be careful not to lose it in the box upon opening it. You can see eat at the back of your “EarPods” case where it is taped.


Get used to its 3D Touch

The Presence of Home Button

Have an instant access on your messages, social media apps and notifications with just one touch! All you have to do is to press hard on any app’s icon on your phone to see a new message, post , notifications and additional controls. You can even switch apps and reply to your messages without unlocking your phone!


Monitor your sleep hours with Bedtime

Monitor your sleep hours with Bedtime

Instead of simply setting an alam to wake up in the morning, Bedtime (which is an additional feature on iPhone 7 Plus’ OS, the iOS 10) tells you when to sleep and tracks your sleep hours. Basically, this feature helps you to be fit and healthy just like what you’ve always wanted.


Go ahead and explore limitless possibilities with your own iPhone 7 Plus now!

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