Saya CGI Girl

Saya: The Hyper-Realistic CGI Girl

We’ve seen video game characters come close with realistic facial features from Final Fantasy. They undeniably appear real with the toned skin and intricate facial features.

Now, we have a CGI or Computer-Generated Image of a Japanese teenager who looks like an actual girl.

Image result for saya cgi
Computer graphic artists and couple Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa wanted to design their own virtual child.

The Japanese couple spent a year perfecting Saya’s textures and facial features which are all hand-painted and not based off any sort of photography.

Their goal is to for Saya the CGI Girl to be a star of a movie.

Check out a video posted by Tech Asia:

What do you think about saya? Do you think she’ll become a movie star? Share your thoughts below!

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