Pokemon Go Blocks Philippine Access

With Niantic Inc and Pokemon Company released the much anticipated game, Pokemon Go broke the internet as many Pokemon fans and gamers tried it out. Pokemon Go got officially released on Japan, Australia, New Zealand and now the U.S.

However, the Pokemon Go has yet to be released in countries like the Philippines. APK files made it possible for the Filipinos to play the game. Links to download the game can literally be seen everywhere.

As a lot of people tried to play the game, Phillippines met its unfortunate end. Pokemon Company and Niantic Inc. somehow blocked the access from unauthorized countries. Making it impossible from people outside the countries where it officially released to play.

Players can’t find PokeStops and Gyms in game, making us conclude that they somehow blocked the game from unauthorized countries.

We’re still waiting for the official release of the game in the Philippines, and as of now, there’s no news or update yet. We’re hoping it’ll be released later this July along with the Pokemon Go Plus device.

How about you? Are you able to play?

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