Where to Buy a Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Online Shopping Philippines – Gaming has evolved since technology continues to innovate. You can now play classic Playstation games and N64 games from your android phone.
While there are thousands of games available for android and iOS designed for a touch screen gameplay, nothing beats the traditional way of gaming when holding a game controller. The feeling when you’re playing via touch screen just doesn’t feel the same when you’re playing with a game controller.

Thanks to technology, when you thought that being able to play with these games without the actual console was impossible, is now possible.

Ipega PG9021Ipega PG9021

The Ipega PG-9021 Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller will take your gaming into the next level.

Why the Ipega PG-9021?

✓ Affordable
✓ Compatible with majority of games on Android
✓ Supported OS Android / iOS / Windows

Although the Ipega PG-9021 is the oldest standard and only certain amount of games on the iOS supports this, handful of games on the android however plays perfectly well.

The Bluetooth gaming controller is similar to the Xbox game controller; the only difference is that it has buttons on the side, which is for volume and play/pause control.

Ipega PG9021

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth controller that lasts for a long time (even longer than your smart phone) the Ipega PG-9021 is the one. Not only it lasts for 20 hours, but it’s rechargeable with a micro usb. Now you can enjoy gaming anywhere whether you’re travelling on a car or train with this gaming controller.

Playing with the Ipega PG-9021 not only can relive the feeling when you’re playing on an actual gaming console, but also provide a better gaming experience a touch screen can never give.

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