Pokemon Go

Lure Party Everywhere: Are you geared enough?

Pokemon Go has been released in the Philippines last Saturday, many people have been forced (thanks to Pokemon Go where walking is required) to go out just to catch and hatch Pokemons.

Some places, including remote places which do not have Pokestops (A place where you can gather pokeballs and other essentials) are deprived of the Pokemon experience.

To address this matter, SM Supermalls, Ayala Malls, Robinsons and other establishments are hosting Lure Party this weekend.

A lure party is where you use a lure module (To lure pokemons at a pokestop) and everyone else near the pokestop can benefit from it. Malls have multiple pokestops close enough to each other.

Although there are many lure party happening everywhere, is your phone ready? The pokemon go drains the battery fast because of the gps, camera and data working all together.

If you’re going to lure party, you will need a powerful power bank that will keep your phone powered up for long hours of lure party.

The 20000 mAh Wallet Style Power Bank not only will keep your battery from draining, but it’s also small enough to just fit your pocket. Convenient isn’t it? Catching and waiting for pokemon can take a lot of time.

20000 mAh Wallet Style Power Bank

Enjoy catching pokemons at the comfort of your spot without having to worry about your battery draining with this power bank.

If you are not exactly sure of the locations of the lure party, you can check out this list provided by ABS CBN.

If you’re looking for the place where you can find this power bank, you can buy it when you shop online at the best online gadget store in the Philippines – Goods PH – Online shopping Philippines.

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