Lost Soul Aside

Lost Soul Aside: FFXV Inspired Korean Indie Game Created by One Man

Beautiful things inspire us to create something out of it, and that is what a Korean fan of Final Fantasy felt upon seeing the trailer of FFXV two years go.

Yang Bing a Korean from Seoul, Korea started creating a game of his own called ‘Lost Soul Aside’ with the visual design similar to Final Fantasy and a combat mechanic is hack’n slash similar to Ninja Gaiden – games he got inspiration from.

The developer shared a short background story of the game.

The trailer shows the character and its combat system. The graphics despite being far from complete, already looks promising. The voice actor of the game is an American who voiced the four characters all by himself. It’s still on its prototype stage, but then again, this was created by a single person in a span of two years.

Check the trailer here:

Yang Bing planned to finish the game ten years from now or more. However, thousands of people started supporting Yang Bing and his game, some even offered to help in creating the game.

He made no promise of releasing the game soon. But Yang Bing was greatly motivated and moved by the support from gamers. Let’s hope that he’ll be able to finish it and continue checking for the updates on Lost Soul Aside Facebook page.

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