Mobile Legends New Hero Lapu Lapu

Look: Mobile Legends New Hero “Lapu-Lapu” is Coming

From the looks of it, Lapu-Lapu seems like a fighter. The final Mobile Legends design revealed that the hero will have 2 swords which will highly benefit the users who will use his skills.

Lapu-Lapu will start fighting on the battlefield in the next Mobile Legends update.

Who is Lapu-Lapu?

Lapu-Lapu is one of the famous heroes in the Philippine history. He was the Filipino hero who defended the City of Mactan Island in Cebu from the hands of Spanish colonizers led by Ferdinand Magellan in the pre-Spanish period.

Lapu-Lapu will be a sure hit for all players especially the Filipino users. While waiting for this new hero, get a high-end smartphone from online store ph to prevent game lag and start playing Mobile Legends!

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