Asus Memo Pad 7

How to take care of your Asus Mobile Memo Pad 7

Android devices such as Asus Mobile Memo Pad 7 can be quite fragile. That’s why prolonging the life of your gadgets are really challenging. Thanks to technology, the tips and tricks of taking care of your own devices are just one tap and one click away!

It’s time for you to prioritize the protection of your tablets, digital junkies! Follow these simple tips to protect your Android tablet from different threats.


Optimizing your battery is a must

Optimizing your battery is a mustDo you know that the biggest factor that contributes to your battery drainage is your screen’s brightness? The best way to save your battery is to lower it without forsaking balance in its appearance! Turn it into 50 percent or less to see the difference.



Secure it with an Anti-VirusSecure it with an Anti-Virus

Defend your tablet from getting internal bugs and viruses! Installing an anti-virus application safeguards your beloved gadgets from getting a malware so don’t forget to add a dash of protection.


Protect it with a tablet case

Protect it with a tablet caseJust like smart phones, tablets are also prone to several threats such as heat and dust. A screen protector and a sturdy tablet case can be an added arsenal for maintaining your gadget in a good condition.


Keep your OS and apps updated

Keep your OS and apps updated

Making sure that your apps as well as your OS (operating system) are up to date is essential for some security reasons. Programmers are serious in providing bug fixes and securing your information from fraudulent hackers so you should do the same too! After all, tapping the “update” button doesn’t take a lot of your time, right?


Knowing what you should do in prolonging the life of your gadgets can save you some bucks! Who knows, you might take the capacity of your tablet to a whole new level.

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