Xiaomi Fitness Band

Be fit and fab with this Xiaomi fitness band!

Are you a fitness buff who wants to keep track of your vital signs but doesn’t want to spend some bucks? If you are, then the latest Xiaomi fitness band is the answer to your prayer!  You may not even believe it but you can actually score all of the basic features of a smart watch with just a fraction of the price of Fitbit, Garmin and other famous fitness bands in the local market.


We’ll not let you wait any longer. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the reliable Xiaomi Mi Band 2!

Xiaomi Mi Band 2


-0.42 OLED Display screen

-Touch Operation

-Shows sleep, steps, heart rate, time and battery

-Has a built-in incoming call and notification alert

-IP67 water-resistant

-compatible to both Android and iOS phones

What’s the buzz?

Just like what we mentioned a while ago, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 features almost all essential functions of a smart watch. In fact, its 0.42 OLED screen displays current time, number of steps, heart rate and mileage that you have traveled for the day. Thanks to its touch-sensitive key, everything is made possible in just a one press!

Its low power consumption is also one of its aces compared to its competitors. Approximately, the wonder fitness tracker can last up to 30 days on a single charge! We also discovered that aside from your vital signs, this little fella over here can also track your sleep every single day. It also offers an instant access to your smart phone through its call and notification alerts. Just don’t forget to connect it to your device via Bluetooth to maximize its performance!


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