Wireless headset for PC

Bang for Bucks: Wireless Headset for PC under PHP 700

We all know that a true-blooded gamer will only be called as such if there’s a wireless headset for PC hanging on his or her ears. Aside from a lighting keyboard, high-powered compact CPU and a triple high-definition LCD screens; owning a gamer headset is a necessity for every online game enthusiasts! Playing  MOBA games like LOL (a.k.a League of Legends)  or an RPG like “Overwatch” can be a lifeless without its realistic sound effects and music that contributes to your one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Unfortunately, most of these headsets can cost more than your weekly allowance or even more than half of your paycheck! This is the reason why other gamers only settle for earphones which can give them a little less adrenaline rush than what they should get.

Fret no more, gamers! We’ve searched and found the most budget-friendly headsets that you can own and add to your gaming arsenal:


Let’s begin the list with the cheapest one. It may seem minimalist through its design but this Ovleng X5 Headphone with Mic is more than just an earphone for smart phones and music players. It may not be wireless but it surely gives you the same clear sound that top-tier brands offer!

 Ovleng X5 Headphone with Mic


If you’re looking for a sleeker gaming headphone then the Ovleng V8-3 Headphones should be your ultimate choice! Both powered by Bluetooth technology and wired audio jack, getting the best of both worlds is now possible with this headphone. You can even make a live stream review on your game play with its built-in microphone!Ovleng V8-3 Headphones


Combine fashion and technology while enjoying your favorite games on your own bat cave with the Ovleng V8-1 Headphone! Developed from its state-of-the-art design that aims to provide the best gaming sound right into every your ears, this headphones enables every gamer to have full control on what he’s hearing through its built-in buttons.Ovleng V8-1 Headphone



There you have it, tech geeks! Nothing can stop a certified gamer in experiencing the best when it comes to PC games.

Check out the top online gadget stores in the country to buy yours now! After all, everyone deserves to witness firsthand the latest trends in tech industry without breaking a bank.


You can see the full specifications of each headphones included on this list from the official website of Ovleng!

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