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Bang For Bucks: Mini Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Pesos

With the birth of mini Bluetooth speakers, music can now be shared easily by anyone almost anywhere. Whether you’re having a mini pool party or just enjoying a movie marathon in your own room, these portable and wireless multimedia speakers are brilliant in performing their jobs. Without needing a power source, music can now be enjoyed by everyone whenever and wherever.

Unfortunately, this kind of technology heavily costs a lot too. Thanks to these great audio finds that we have discovered online, you and your friends can now experience endless melody and rhythm!


Awei Y260 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Awei Y260 Portable Bluetooth SpeakerClaim to fame: compact and lightweight, this Awei wireless speaker is proven waterproof and durable. In fact, its stylish mesh cover serves both as an accessory and as a protector!

Perfect for: mini pool or beach parties and glampings

Price: P1125.00



Remax RM X2Remax RM X2

Claim to fame: Serves as a speaker and an FM radio in one, this sleek audio accessory is a match made in heaven for your daily adventures!

Perfect for: mountain hiking and other outdoor activities

Price: P1275.00



COTEetCI Bluetooth SpeakerCOTEetCI Bluetooth Speaker

Claim to fame:  Its multifunctional features that are its own edge among other brands. This COTEetci Bluetooth speaker might be small but it is can give you the best bombastic tunes and crystal clear voice calls!

Perfect for:  hands-free phone calls and music appreciation in the comfort of your home.

Price: P890.00


There you have it, ladies and gents! You may also visit this online gadget store to search for the best and affordable mini Bluetooth speakers in the market.

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