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Apple Pencil Proves Apple Inc. is Past the Steve Jobs Commemoration Phase

In 2007, past Apple CEO Steve Jobs, shut down the idea of pairing the company’s creation with a stylus. To be fair, he made that statement during the launch of the grand daddy of all iPhones. It’s not very productive if we dwell in the past. The present and the future of the tablet technology as Apple Inc. now sees, uses a stylus.

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What is it with the Apple Pencil that it received a balance of positive and negative reviews? To get things in context, most negative reviews speaks of the corporate image of Apple selling their devices on what these bad reviewers believe as over the desirable price range. The second reason is that since 2007, observers and even Apple Inc’s customers discounted the fact that the company may one day see the difference a stylus can make. Steve Jobs never intended the iPhone to be used for graphics, but the new Apple management aims to change all that with a single pencil and a Tablet with a giant 12.9 work space.

Introducing, the Apple Pencil. This accessory covers the basic function of a stylus, which is to translate hand gestures into texts or images. Apple pencil, a machine that it is, has software configurations that would be beneficial for drawing and transforming the iPad Pro into a canvass. A canvass that could only be limited to the user’s imagination. The Apple Pencil is the accessory that uses the new 3D touch technology the way it was intended to be. With the more sensitive screen, the Pencil taps into the deeper functions of the new program to make lines more in tune with the artist’s finger pressure.

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The 3D force touch technology makes use of the screen sensors to accurately translate pressure into different line consistencies and form. Lighter strokes are to fine lines, as more pressure is to thicker lines. The Pencil itself can change line texture by tilting. By continuous practice, you will get used to the Pencil like how artists began to gain affinity for liking a certain graphite material.

The Apple Pencil is designed to exhibit little to no latency. The connection between the iPad and the Pencil are so in sync that every motion, every contact, the result and the process are instantaneously reflected on the display.

On Apples showcase video, it explains that “by re-engineering the touch subsystem of the display to measure both finger and stylus input on the same plane with optimal accuracy.” That means both the parchment and the quill are in tune with each other to make lines, texts and resulting images more pronounced.

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When Apple Marketing Chief Phil Schiller announced the inclusion of the Apple Pencil as one of the two primary accessories of iPad Pro, there is an audible laugh among the viewers. That could be attributed to the company’s past statements but this Pencil might just work. Only real digital artists can attest to the functionality of all the Pencil’s performance that includes testing the 12-hour battery rating.

Until then, All Apple Inc. has to do now is to make this more affordable. The tentative price of P 4,500.00 is just too much compared to the P200.00 stylus for the Microsoft Surface and the styluses for all the Samsung Tab models are included in a single purchase. Also, the users of the Microsoft Surface tested the Apple pencil on their devices and it worked. We just don’t know how similar the results were compared to the more uniform Apple to Apple connection, but it worked! We could only wait until the official launch of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil to see if they could harmonize with the equally promising Microsoft Surface and the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

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