Windows 10 Upgrade

Advantages and Disadvantages of Upgrading to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. The company skipped windows 9 entirely; the recent version before windows 10 is windows 8.1. When you run windows 7 and windows 8.1, you must know that you can upgrade to windows 10 for free. Countless features have been added but still need a bit of fixing.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Here are some advantages of the upgrade:

  • Windows 10 is actually a better Windows 8
  • The boot up is faster and uses lower memory than the older versions
  • Microsoft has added an Xbox app where you can see what your friends are doing and you can send them messages
  • Microsoft is making universal office apps for windows 10 and it can run on all devices
  • Windows 10 will have hologram technology; it is a technology that will facilitate 3D projection for windows 10 apps
  • Windows 10 improved multitasking that allows up to four apps on the screen
  • Specialized windows 10 will be launched for Smart phones
  • There will be two versions of the OS, windows 10 technical preview and technical preview for enterprise. The two have the same functionality but the latter is intended for IT pros
  • This version introduced the Edge browser, a new web browser that has quick and simple interface.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Advantages are listed above but disadvantages of the upgrade are still unavoidable:

  • Windows 10 cannot upgrade old versions of windows such as 2000 and 2001
  • The touch friendly function has been removed from the new OS. They eliminated the function where you can swipe apps from top to bottom
  • There will be no updates for Windows Media Player
  • Installing the Technical preview disables the ability to play DVDs using Windows Media Player, they will also remove Windows Media Center
  • For those who updated the OS to Windows 10, turning it back won’t be easy. The previous Operating system will have to be reinstalled using the installation disk

Microsoft made a big decision with windows 10. Windows 7 users may not be convinced by the upgrade because they might not want to deal with many changes, but there’s a huge chance that windows 8 users won’t hesitate upgrading to windows 10.

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