A n00b’s Guide: 5 Gaming Terms You Should Know

‘Sup, noob! You are probably new into gaming or new into a certain game, because why would you even stumble upon this list of gaming terms if you aren’t actually an uninitiated.

The gaming slang is constant, as new games come out; new slangs are created base from them. Most of them have created variations from the actual word.

Whether you’re new, or just merely want to be updated to what’s currently being used by the gamers these days, here are 5 gaming terms based from the game Tree of Savior (You should know that there are different slangs used in different games)

1. GG

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One of the common gaming slang you often see. Its acronym stands for “good game”. The term is typically used at the end battle in a competitive online multiplayer game indicating the match was truly good, fairly played, a close match, or one team got slaughtered. GG is either a gesture of good sportsmanship or to acknowledge one’s own defeat or the opponent’s skills are superior.

GG is also used outside the context of gaming and used as a sarcastic remark to accounts of foolish acts or self-defeating behaviors.

Ex. John: “My mom banned me from playing games in the middle of the night.”
Tony: “GG mate”


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A construction of gg and ez (another way of typing easy) which means “good game easy” is used to taunt players at the end of match in a competitive online multiplayer game. It usually indicates that the game was too easy for the winning team.

3. Scrub

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Basically someone who knows the ropes of the game but sucks so bad at it. A scrub may also mean someone who refuses to play the game correctly.

4. Nab

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A variation of n00b. It is someone who is new to the game or inexperienced in a subject, usually an online game. Some noob may be someone who refuses to learn or someone who’s been playing for a long time but still suck at it.

5. GitGud

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A phrase purposely misspelled meaning “get good.” It is used to poke fun at and mock inexperienced players in a competitive online game.

Next time you get in to a PvP you can poke fun at them with these new words you’ve learned!

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