Cute Power Bank

5 Cute Character Power Banks All at 8800 mAh

With the high demands of battery consuming games and apps we use on our phone, the batteries are easily drained. That’s why people came up with power banks in order to meet the demands of these powerful apps.

Now you don’t have to worry about running out of juice whenever you’re on the go, and enjoy playing online games with your smartphone with these awesome character power banks:

1. 8800mAh Rilakumma Design Power Bank – Love bears? You’ll surely love this Rilakkuma powerbank!

2. 8800mAh LINE Bear Design Power Bank – Who can ever forget this iconic bear Brownie of Line? Now wouldn’t it be awesome to pair it with a Cony smartphone case?

3. 8800mAh Cartoon Cow Design Power Bank – Milk those batteries from this cute cartoon cow!
 4. 8800mAh Emoji Design Power Bank - Why not match your power bank with your personalities? Pick the emoji you want depending on your mood.

Now you don’t have to worry about your battery draining with these fun and functional power banks.

You can grab these power banks at the online gadget store Goods PH online shopping Philippines.


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