iPad Mini 2 in a Car

4 unique ways in mounting your own iPad Mini 2

iPad Mini 2 has been one of the most in-demand gadgets in the century next to iPhones. In fact, some of our “Kuya Uber” and “Manong Grab” drivers choose it as their personal travel companion. Even private car owners cannot argue with this fact! With its amazing specifications and sleek design, no one can even resist the technology that is being offered to us by Apple.

iPad Mini 2 (32 gb)

Whether you’re a public utility driver or a private motorist who’s also a self-confessed digital junkie, mounting your beloved iPad in your car without breaking a bank should be one of your priorities! Here are some efficient D-I-Y ways to place your tablets with ease and comfort on your dashboard!



Bookends can be your life-saver!

Bookends as a tablet mount

Turn those boring bookends on your shelf to a tablet stand! All you need to do is tilt back its side a little bit to achieve your desired viewing angle then clamp some binder clips (preferably 2 pieces) to prevent it from slipping!


Be innovative with Lego

Lego blocks as an iPad Stand

Yes, you’ve read it right! Your youngster’s LEGO collection can transform into a cool tablet mount too. Available in various colors and sizes, these amazing blocks can also build a cheaper iPad mounts that can last a lifetime! Just consult Google to make your own LEGO stand!



Make it stand with business card holdersCard Organizer as an iPad stand

Who says business card holders are just for ID’s and calling cards?  Turn this office organizer into an iPad stand just by placing it either upward or sideways. To make it more stable, you may place a heavy duty double sided tape with cushion so that it will not fall off on your dashboard.



Card boards can be your best friend

Card board as iPad stand

Be nice to Mother Nature just by recycling a thick cardboard into a reliable tablet stand! Unleash your architectural and engineering skills just by measuring and tracing your iPad’s length and width on each of the cardboard’s side. Cut it neatly with a craft knife and use it right away!


So what are you waiting for? Try these DIY projects now to take these common household things to the next level!


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